Relax & Recharge | MPI-SEC Omni Amelia Island

by Totally Mod
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Relax & Recharge
Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops are mainstays at every type of professional conference.  Our customizable charging stations provide the perfect solution to recharge and relax. Did you power up at our Lounge area by registration at MPI-SEC?
Recharge and Relax with Totally Mod
Totally Mod Branded Charging lounges
[Thanks Geri Bell for the awesome photo of our branded charging lounge swivel tables!]
The “Recharge” Lounge we designed flanked both sides of the registration entrance at the Omni Amelia Island.  They provided both a simultaneous retreat  and meeting spot for the hundreds of event professionals in attendance.  The unique configurations allowed for ample space and crowd flow so there was never any bottle necking or awkward traffic.

Charging Lounges at Events  Totally Mod

Adding our logo and the MPI-SEC conference logo “Catch the Wave” on our LED waterfalls made a bold and highly visible impact. Each piece of furniture, as well as the swing tables, and pillows are also provide an opportunity for custom branding.  This further demonstrated our ability to be both creative and functional.

Charging Lounges by Totally Mod

Attendees absolutely loved the area. They were able to relax, recharge and be social on their devices as well as in person! Contact us today at to learn how Totally Mod can customize your conference with a Recharging & Relaxing Retreat!


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