Lighted Dance FloorFree!

Product Description

We didn’t invent acrylic and we didn’t invent LED lights, but we were definitely the match-maker when it came to this love affair.

All of our acrylic products are lit from within via a battery-powered LED source that we designed in-house. Explore the endless color and pattern options. The lights are controlled remotely, allowing for choreographed color changes during your event to be in sync with reveals, the presentation of a new course during dinner, entertainment transitions, or simply a change in mood.

Being battery-powered and remotely controlled also means the elimination of unsightly and dangerous wires in the middle of your event. In addition, you’ll avoid the high costs associated with electrical in an event setting. That’s totally awesome…that’s TOTALLY MOD!

Additional Information

Dimensions 30 in × 30 in × 4 in in