• Power Bank Charging Stations For Trade Shows and Events

    Power Bank Charging Stations

    For Trade Shows and Events

    Trade shows and events are more popular than ever!  Not only do businesses use trade shows for network and revenue generation, charities, clubs and many others also use trade shows to generate new leads, build teamwork, create awareness and more.  Anyone who has been to one of these events will tell you that people spend as much time on their phones and tablets as they do walking the floor.

    One of the key elements in keeping guests at an event is to make sure that they have plenty of convenient options to charge their devices inside the event itself.  nothing will make people leave the event faster than running out of power for their mobile devices.  They need them to share ideas, calendars, documents and more.  If they run out of power they will go wherever is necessary to get them charged up again.

    Power banks have become a popular way to allow guests to charge their mobile devices.  In fact, they sell consumer versions of power bank chargers at many different stores.  Here is how this charging option works:

    • A power bank charging station is a small square or rectangular device.  It holds one (or sometimes more) full battery charges inside.  When you plug a mobile device into the power bank it receives the same amount of charge that it would if you plugged the device into a wall outlet or car charger and will fully recharge your mobile device.


    • Since these power banks are small they are usually kept in a secure location.  When people want to use one they simply ask for it at the location they are kept (front desk, valet area, etc.).


    • In most cases people collect a credit card or driver’s license to make sure that the user brings the power bank back when they are done.  Many people simply forget – but they will remember if they leave something important behind.

    Power banks are small safe and easy to use.  They are also just one of many different options when selecting a way to let your guests recharge their mobile phone, tablets, etc.   The experts at Totally Mod can explain all of the available options to you.  Not only do we have them all, but we can customize them to the layout you want!  We can even brand them so your guests continually see your logo or message.

    Give us a call today and make sure your next event keep everyone charged up and ready to go!