• Open Ledge Charging Stations for Trade Shows and Events

    Nothing is more annoying than running out of charge on your cell phone, tablet or other mobile device when you need it!  We have all been in a meeting, on a call, at a trade show or event and had our phone power off because the battery died and we did not have a way to charge it.   Luckily, there is a simple and cost effective solution – Charging furniture and charging stations.

    While there are many popular version of trade show and event charging stations, and each one has its benefits, open ledge charging stations are one most widely used options.  Open ledge charging stations are well liked for many reason including:

    • Open ledge charging stations utilize a simple design where the smartphone or tablet sits on a flat surface while it charges.  The flat surface will have a lip, tray, or pocket to rest the device on while it is charging.   That way the device will not slip off the charging station while it is charging.
    • There are many options of how to setup an open ledge charging station.   These charging stations can be chairs, couches, stand-up platforms and more.  That way people can sit comfortably at the charging station and use it as a meeting place or just a place to take a break while their devices recharge.
    • Our open ledge charging stations are completely customizable! you can chose different types of furniture, different layouts for the charging stations and more.  The choices are as diverse as your imagination!
    • Our open ledge charging stations are able to branded for your company or event! Since a lot of people will be using the charging stations it is the perfect place to reinforce your message and/or brand!

    Again, the open ledge charging station is just one of the options available.  There are several other to choose from and Totally Mod has them all!  Whatever your needs we can make sure you have everything you need to keep your guests in your event instead of out in the lobby or in their hotel rooms recharging their devices.  Give our trade show and event experts a call today and let us help you keep your next event fully charged!