• Charging Lockers for Trade Shows and Events

    One of the most frustrating things about our mobile devices is how quickly they run out of charge!  It’s great that we can access the Internet and documents form anywhere.  It’s fantastic that we can make and receive calls from locations that are nowhere near a phone line.  We can have meetings in a field, take notes without paper, send and receive emails any time… as long as our mobile devices are charged!

    Trade shows and events are one of the places we use our mobile devices the most, and drain their batteries the quickest!  Without a charging locker or other charging furniture at a trade show or event you are forced to sit in the lobby huddled by an outlet (likely with lots of other people having the same problem!).   Even worse, you could have to leave the event and come back later when your devices is ready for action again.

    Charging furniture prevents this hassle by giving you a place to recharge your phones, tablets, etc. without leaving the event.  You can keep looking, meting and networking while your device recharges.  One of the most popular options for charging furniture is what is known as a charging locker.  So how does a charging locker work?

    • A charging locker works just lock other lockers we have been  using for years.  You simply select an empty locker and put your device inside.  The necessary connection is inside the locker so you can charge your mobile phone or table while it is safely in the locker.
    • While charging lockers do not have to use a locking or security method, this option makes them a very popular a secure choice for many trade shows and events.
    • If you do decide to use a security method on your charging locker there are several options to choose from.  A key, pin code, or credit card can required to open and close the locker compartment.  With this option you can walk away without any concern that your devices will not be there when you get back.

    Many people ask if charging lockers will look good at their event.  Rest assured, Locker charging stations look great and can be customized for your trade show or event.   Not only do they look good, but since they are the same thing as a regular locker people understand how to use them and what to do with limited,  if any instructions.

    Contact the charging furniture experts at Totally Mod today and make your next event one that people will remember not only for the revenue it made them, but also for home convenient it was!