• Charging Furniture for Trade Shows and Events

    Trade shows and events continue to be one the most productive activities a business have the opportunity to take part in. Virtual meetings and other new technologies make things convenient but nothing gets things done like a face-to-face meeting. You can put names with faces, add pictures to your contacts on your phone, use your tablet to review web sites and documents and just get things done… as long as these devices are charged.

    We use our phones, tablets and other technological devices more at trade shows and events that almost any other business scenario. The end result is often that these devices run out of charge and need to be plugged in to recharge often. rather than having people leave to take care of this you can set up fast, comfortable and brandable charging stations throughout your event. totally Mod offer some of the most unique and innovative charging stations in the industry, including:

    • Open Ledge Charging Furniture:  Open ledge charging stations utilize a simple design where the smartphone or tablet sits on a flat surface (tabletop) while it charges.  The flat surface will have a lip, tray, or pocket to rest the device on while it is charging. This design does not have any way to secure the device so the owner will likely want to stay at the charging station.
    • Locker Charging Stations:  These charging station use the same type of locker you would find at the gym, in schools, etc.  These lockers can come with or without ways to secure them,.  if you select a model that does allow the owner to secure the device there are many options including a key, pin code, or credit card being required to open and close the locker compartment.  This option is more secure than simply placing the device on a tabletop to charge.  Even if no locking method is selected, the device is at least out of the public eye and behind a door.
    • Power Bank Charging Stations:  Recently, some venues have begun using power banks, or portable device battery chargers.  using this option there is a collection of power banks and charging cables in a secure location (e.g. behind the bar).  If a customer needs to charge their device, the staff provide the power bank and relevant cable.  In return, some identification (e.g. driver’s license), credit card, or small deposit is retained so that the power bank and cables are returned once the device has been charged.

    Whatever option you select for your event, having charging furniture and charging stations will not only make you event or trade show more convenient for your guests, it will also help keep them in the room as opposed to somewhere else waiting for their phones or tablets to charge!

    Contact the expert staff at Totally Mod to get the charging station, charging kiosk or other charging furniture solution that will make your event even more of a success!