TOTALLY MOD (formerly IceMagic) has been servicing the events community since 1996 under the ownership and direction of founder and owner, Bill Whidden. The company has found great success with three core principles at the forefront of every decision we make.

    TOTALLY MOD was the first to patent the ice sculpture made with flexible molds. Then, the first to design and introduce the battery-operated, wireless LED lighting system to the special events industry, and even offered acrylic “ghost-style” chairs before the Louis Ghost chair made them popular. Our company of “firsts” is at it again with our modular soft seating collection, a game-changing, new concept in the event and trade show industries. We’re always tinkering to design the industry’s next big idea.

    With more than 90% of our business coming from repeat clients, it’s easy to say TOTALLY MOD puts extreme value on partnerships. We believe a partnership starts even before that first client interaction. It starts with the way we build and develop our team. Many of our key employees come from the planning side of the business. This has cultivated a culture revolving around our partners’ needs. We continue to foster this mindset by supporting involvement and leadership in industry organizations such as ISES, MPI, PCMA, IAEE, ESCA, and NACE along with participating in key industry trade shows.

    So we’ve INNOVATED and PARTNERED, but none of that means anything if we don’t SERVICE. TOTALLY MOD understands that there are no do-overs when it comes to your event. We’ll be there on time with the highest quality most exquisitely maintained product in hand. We’ll have a plan, but we’ll also be ready to adapt. Our product is designed this way and our people are trained this way. Plus we’re happy to lend a hand beyond our primary on-site responsibilities. Look at us as an extension of your team.

    Give one of our sales reps a call today, (407)816-1905, so we can tell you more about our innovations, start a partnership, and work on servicing your next big event!

    Choose a material…choose a color…dress it up with skirting…mix-n-match colors and textures…low or high backs…with arms or without…how about a swivel table?…let’s light it up! (Fun Fact: There are over 4,000 single chair combinations alone)

    Do you have a logo, an image, or a message you’d like to get across? We can help. Because of the modular nature of TOTALLY MOD components, we can affordably print, embroider, or adhere your graphics onto most of our products.

    Live events are just that…ALIVE! They must grow, evolve, and adapt to help meet the underlying goals. TOTALLY MOD products are designed with this philosophy in mind, reconfigurable to fit a new space or new vision…even if its at the last minute. Take a peek at our Unique Configurations page to see the fun looks that can be cre- ated with just three different furniture frames.

    TOTALLY MOD did it totally different. We started by designing event furnishings that fold, stack, and store. We then worked on making these efficient designs the attractive products that are available to you today.

    This means an event that would typically require four trucks only requires one. This means less labor is needed to do the same amount of work in the same amount of time. This means our warehouse is a fraction of the size of theirs. This means we save money and therefore you do, too.